Frequently Asked Questions

What is Newtral Groundz Now?

Newtral Groundz Now is a new OTT streaming platform that offers exclusive local content from the New Orleans and Gulf region.

How much does Newtral Groundz Now cost?

Newtral Groundz Now costs $5.04 per month or $50.40 per year.

What kind of content is available on Newtral Groundz Now?

Newtral Groundz Now features a curated selection of movies, shows, and events from the New Orleans area, as well as original content created by local artists and content creators.

How do I access Newtral Groundz Now?

Newtral Groundz Now is currently only accessible through our website. You can visit our website on any device with an internet connection and web browser to start streaming.

Is there a mobile app for Newtral Groundz Now?

At the moment, Newtral Groundz Now is only available as a website. We are working on developing mobile apps for iOS and Android, which will be available in the future.

Is Newtral Groundz Now available outside of New Orleans?

Yes, Newtral Groundz Now is available to users anywhere in the world. However, our content is focused on the New Orleans and Gulf region, so users outside of this area may not find as much relevant content.

Can I cancel my subscription to Newtral Groundz Now?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription to Newtral Groundz Now at any time. Simply visit your account settings on our website and follow the instructions to cancel.

How can I contact Newtral Groundz Now for support or more information?

You can contact us through our website by filling out the contact form, or by emailing us at support@newtralgroundznow.com. You can also find us on social media, where we regularly post updates and answer user questions.